Water Filtration System
Offered Water Disinfectant System is highly admired among clients for its ability to remove harmful protozoa from water that form cysts. This system is ideal to works well against all pathogens. The provided system is a good purifier that makes water usable.
Waste Water Treatment
Treatment of waste water is important to lower the waste running down to ground water and natural bodies. In order to save fresh water for future generations, industries and communities must use waste water treatment plant.
Hazardous Effluent Treatment
Industries, like fertilizers, refinery, chemical, pharmaceuticals and automobiles, can use hazardous effluent treatment plant for the treatment of waste water. The technologies that can be applied include chemical, physical, biological and Ul filtration.
Electro Chlorinators
Buy from us water disinfection and on site disinfectant generation system, which are safe to use and maintain. These electro chlorinators based on proven technology is useful for the treatment of drinking water and waste water.
Hospital Disinfectant System
Hospital disinfectant system effectively meets the specialized requirements of hospitals. The system based on modern technology can also be used in all healthcare laboratories. Equip your premise with this system to get rid of decontamination.
Distillery Spent Wash Treatment
This Distillery Spent Wash Treatment is perfect for treating unwanted residual liquid waste generated during alcohol production. It is highly appreciated among clients for its effective solution and fast processing speed. Additionally, offered treatment is a very easy process that requires minimum time.
Water Softener & Conditioner
Water Softener & Conditioner are necessary systems for treating hard water. By treating hard water with these systems, it can be made apt for drinking, laundry and many other purposes. We create these system based on the specifications needed by customers.

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