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Effluent Treatment Plants

Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd. is a name to trust for buying Effluent Treatment Plants. We manufacture and export ETP for industrial use. Since 2009, our company is engineering the treatment plant for the effective treatment of contaminated water. Water is a natural resource, which is needed by humans for survival. A number of purposes are served by using water, the most important of all is drinking. Water is needed in household, commercial and industrial applications. This natural resource is available in abundance, but not all can be used directly, given to its contaminated nature. It is necessary to treat the contaminated water for use. Effluent Treatment Plants can treat effluents generated in industries. Water treatment is the best way to recycle and conserve water.

Industries Served:

We have effluent treatment plant for many industries. Customers based on their industry can buy industry-specific ETP from us.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dyes & Chemical
  • Textile
  • Food
  • Leather
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Sugar Distillery Industry Effluent Treatment Plant

Price: 2500000 INR/Unit

Sugar and distillery industries generate high volume complex effluents. Aeolus XERODROP is a proven technology to treat complex effluents with extremely high COD like distillery spent wash. We also offer treatment for condensate effluents, sugar factory effluents, distillery effluent treatment.

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant ETP STP

Price: 125000.00 - 2000000.00 INR/Plant

At Aeolus we supply effluent and sewage treatment plants and modification of existing ETP/STP for all types of industries. Our treatment plants are specially designed for complex, hazardous and high-volume effluents. XERODROP ETP/STP does not need biological cultures or noisy aeration system like conventional treatments. XERODROP systems are compact effluent and sewage treatment plants. We now have launched the most economic and lowest power consumption treatment systems for industrial sewage and effluent treatment. Our whole new range of botanical reagents does wonders treating complex effluents in the simplest way! Contact us for more information.

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Effluent Treatment Plant ETP Compact packaged prefabricated

Price: 200000 INR/Plant

Industries look for highly efficient, effective, compact and preferably prefabricated wastewater treatment systems. Aeolus XERODROP is EXTREME MACHINE to treat hazardous complex recalcitrant effluents from all types of industries. Our technologies are non-conventional and are based on AOP Advanced Oxidation Processes, Electro-chemistry (Electro-Coagulation and Electro-Oxidation) and some 100% Natural botanical extracts for instantaneous effective and compliant treatment of tough wastewaters. All our solutions are tailor made specifically for your effluent! We undertake treatability testing and pilot testing also.

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Electro-Coagulation Electro-Oxidation Electrolytic System from Aeolus

Price: 200000 INR/Plant

Electro-coagulation, Electro-oxidation, electro-floatation systems are manufactured and supplied by Aeolus under the brand name XERODROP since 2009. We manufacture our own electrodes for our systems. Electro-chemistry based effluent treatment plants are highly recommended for complex and hazardous effluents. Sewage treatment with electro-coagulation followed by electro-oxidation process offers recyclable water in just two stages.

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Paint and Dye Industry Effluent Treatment by Aeolus

Price: 150000 INR/Plant

At Aeolus we have wide experience treating effluents from paint and dye industries. Paint and dye industry effluents are highly concentrated and deep dark coloured. We have developed technology to treat such effluents without using any biological cultures or chemicals. Our treatment system supports the dye and paint industry to comply with the highest standard environment compliance norms. Treatment of complex effluents is our specialization. We use electro-chemistry, advanced oxidation processes - AOP and other non-conventional technologies to treat complex effluents. Some of our natural extract reagents are dye accumulators and can reduce the dye concentration in few minutes.

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Fertilizer Industry Effluent Treatment

Price: 150000.00 - 2500000.00 INR/Plant

Fertilizer, organic manure and bio-gas manufacturing industries and units generate complex waste with high inorganic salt concentration. Aeolus has designed and developed technologies to treat effluent with high concentration of organic and inorganic contaminants. XERODROP is a comprehensive treatment technology to treat complex effluents using electro-chemistry and advanced oxidation process AOP based treatment. We also have full set of botanical extract based reagents that support treating complex effluents containing salts of iron, fluoride, calcium and magnesium. Fertilizer industry need to comply with most stringent standards for environmental compliance and effluent treatment is essential to be effective and economic. XERODROP ETP/STP systems are designed to be 100% perfect in treatment.

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Compact ETP STP

Price: 200000 INR/Plant
  • Delivery Time:4 Week
  • Material:MS
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Textile Effluent Treatment Plant

Price: 200000 INR/Plant
  • Application:industrial and textile wastewater treatment
  • Operation Type:Semi Automatic
  • Technology:Electro-Coagulation Electro Oxidation and Ozone non biological treatment
  • Product Type:Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Power Source:AC
  • Membrane Quantity:no membranes required
  • Material:FRP
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Year

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