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About Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd

Providing cost effective water treatment and air purification systems.
We, Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd., take the pleasure of introducing ourselves as a reputed manufacturer, exporter, service provider, supplier and trader. We have been walking the path of success since 2009 and have achieved many milestones. The products that we offer includes Effluent Treatment Plants, Boiler Water Treatment, Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System, Xeroscale Water Softener, Xerodrop STP, Sewage Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Ozone Generators, Aeolus Chlorinator and allied range.

For the start, the objective of our company is to provide the world with sustainable water treatment and natural solutions for a healthy living.

Quality Checking Process

Our goal is to supply a sustainable purified water solutions, therefore we give a lot of emphasis towards quality during the manufacturing of Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant
Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd.

Why Choose Us?

We are a foremost choice of the customers as we guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • We offer highest quality and reliable solutions.
Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd.

Main products We Offer?

We manufacture and trade a range of Sustainable Solutions for a healthy living. Some of the products are:
  • Ozone Generator, Medical Ozone Generator
Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd.
Most Popular Products
we offer includes Effluent Treatment Plants, Boiler Water Treatment, Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System, Xeroscale Water Softene
XERODROP is an extreme machine to treat sewage and recycle it without using any bacteria or chemicals. XERODROP is most advanced oxidation process based on electro-chemistry. Electro-coagulation and Electro-oxidation are the major stages of treatment in XERODROP. No CHEMICALS used for XERODROP.
Aeolus is a reputed supplier of Electro-Chlorinators. Electro-chlorinators product sodium hypochlorite from common salt and potable water using electricity. On site production of hypochlorite is of great advantage for all applications including water disinfection, ETP STP, hospitals, bleaching, textiles, power plants etc.
Our XERODROP ETP system is extreme machine to treat hazardous and recalcitrant effluents including that from industries like distillery, textile, dyes & intermediate, tannery, pharmaceuticals, dairy, chemical, analytical laboratories, hospitals, hotels & restaurants, power plants, airports and all commercial and industrial installations. We can treat all complex effluents to meet the discharge norms without using any chemicals or biological cultures or membranes.
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