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Chemicals-Textile & Garment Industry Solutions

We are offering the various kinds of Chemicals-Textile & Garment Industry Solutions that are useful in various industrial and commercial applications. The offered industry solutions include the highly effective Effluent Treatment Plant For Textiles Industries. The Effluent treatment plant is used for treated waste water which is come from different manufacturing industries where different types of chemicals and dyes are used for treated the materials. The demand for variety in textile materials and colors has propagated the utilization of a large number of dyes and chemicals . The majority of dyes are retained in the final textile material, but most of the chemicals and residual dyestuffs are discharged in the effluents. The offered Chemicals-Textile & Garment Industry Solutions are very efficient.
Product Image (Denim & Textile Bleaching System by Aeolus)

Denim and Textile Bleaching Ozone system

Price: 45000 INR/Plant

Ozone: Revolutionizing Denim Bleaching in the Textile Industry Introduction: The textile industry constantly seeks innovative and eco-friendly solutions to enhance its processes. Denim bleaching, a crucial step in denim manufacturing, traditionally involves the use of harmful chemicals. However, with the advent of ozone technology, denim bleaching has undergone a transformative revolution. This technical and promotional write-up explores the application of ozone in the textile industry, with a focus on denim bleaching, and showcases its remarkable advantages over conventional methods.


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