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Tea Leaf and Coffee Bean Processing with Ozone

Tea Leaf and Coffee Bean Processing with Ozone

45000 INR/Plant

Product Details:


Tea Leaf and Coffee Bean Processing with Ozone Price And Quantity

  • 45000.00 - 300000.00 INR/Plant
  • 1 Plant
  • 45000 INR/Plant

Tea Leaf and Coffee Bean Processing with Ozone Trade Information

  • Asia South America Eastern Europe Western Europe Middle East Africa

Product Description

The Ozone Advantage in Tea leaf and Coffee Bean Processing units:

1. Natural and Chemical-Free Solution: Ozone is an all-natural oxidant, leaving no chemical residues or harmful by-products on tea leaves or Coffee beans. It upholds the purity and authenticity of the final product.

2. Complete Microbial Control: Ozone's potent antimicrobial properties effectively eliminate bacteria, molds, and yeast present on tea leaves and coffee beans, ensuring they remain free from contamination.

3. Preservation of Aroma and Flavour: Ozone selectively breaks down unwanted compounds while preserving the delicate aroma and flavour characteristics of tea and coffee.

4. Extended Shelf Life: By reducing microbial load and inhibiting enzymatic reactions, ozone treatment extends the shelf life of tea leaves and coffee beans, minimizing product waste.

5. Versatile Applications: Ozone can be applied at various stages of processing, including drying, storage, and packaging, ensuring comprehensive and consistent quality control.

Ozone Applications in Tea Leaf Processing:

1. Pre-Drying Treatment: Ozone treatment before the drying process ensures surface disinfection, minimizing microbial contamination during drying.

2. Post-Drying Preservation: Ozone treatment after drying prevents post-processing microbial growth, enhancing shelf life and retaining freshness.

3. Flavour Enhancement: Ozone selectively targets undesirable compounds, allowing the natural flavours and aroma of tea leaves to shine through.

Ozone Applications in Coffee Bean Processing:

1. Pre-Roasting Treatment: Ozone treatment before roasting ensures microbial control and aids in preserving the authentic flavour of coffee beans.

2. Post-Roasting Preservation: Ozone treatment after roasting prevents post-roast contamination, maintaining the aroma and quality of coffee beans.

3. Reduction of Mycotoxins: Ozone's oxidative action effectively reduces mycotoxins, making coffee safer for consumption.

Power of Ozone over Current Practices:

1. Superior Quality Control: Unlike conventional methods, ozone ensures consistent and precise control over microbial contamination, flavour, and aroma retention.

2. Chemical-Free Purity: Ozone offers a chemical-free alternative, aligning perfectly with the growing demand for organic and clean-label products.

3. Enhanced Shelf Life: Ozone extends the shelf life of tea leaves and coffee beans, reducing product waste and enhancing marketability.

4. Energy Efficiency: Ozone requires less energy compared to conventional methods, making it an eco-conscious choice for sustainable processing.

Technical Expertise and Support: At Aeolus, we specialize in delivering advanced ozone-based solutions for tea leaf and coffee bean processing. Our team of experts collaborates closely with tea and coffee processors to design customized ozone systems that optimize processing stages and enhance product quality.

Experience the Ozone Transformation: Unlock the potential of ozone to revolutionize tea and coffee processing. Embrace a future where the purity and authenticity of your products take centre stage. Contact Aeolus today to explore how our ozone solutions can elevate your tea and coffee offerings and lead you towards a more prosperous future.

Elevate Your Beverage Excellence: Join the ranks of industry leaders who have harnessed the power of ozone to redefine tea and coffee processing. Together, let's pioneer a new era of purity and flavour, ensuring a truly delightful experience for tea and coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

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