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Ozone Generators

Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Ozone Generator, Ozone for Odor Removal, Ozone for Aquaculture and Ozone Generator For Kitchen. Available in vast capacities, this system is useful in disinfecting drinking water. The main users of this system are:
  • Water companies
  • Municipal water industry
Ozone is made of oxygen and reverts to pure oxygen. Unlike other disinfectants, it does not leave any trace after being used. It results in no by products in the process of disinfecting or breaking down harmful bacteria or pollutants. Ozone generators generate the needed ozone gas in large volume.


Through a dielectric material, a high alternating-current voltage is applied between two parallel electrodes. The formation of ozone is possible when dry air or oxygen flows between the two parallel electrodes. The ionization of oxygen atoms occur, and the ionized oxygen atoms and unionized oxygen molecules are recombined, resulting in the formation of ozone.
Product Image (Ozone application in Oil and Gas Industry)

Oil and Gas Industry Applications of Ozone

Price: 200000 INR/Plant

Aeolus Ozone Innovation in Oil & Gas: Pioneering Efficiency and Sustainability The Oil & Gas industry, known for its complexity and environmental impact, is undergoing a transformative change driven by ozone (O3) technology. Ozone, a potent oxidizing agent, is revolutionizing various aspects of the industry, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. This technical and commercial write-up explores the science, technology, and real-world examples of ozone applications, revealing its unparalleled benefits for industry leaders.

Product Image (Solar PV panel Manufacturing Maintenance using Ozone)

Solar PV Cell Manufacturing Maintenance using Ozone

Price: 27000.00 - 200000.00/Plant

Illuminating the Solar Future: Aeolus Ozone in Photovoltaic Panel Manufacturing and Maintenance The solar industry, a beacon of renewable energy, has found a powerful ally in ozone (O3) technology. Ozone, an emblem of innovation, is revolutionizing photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturing and maintenance, elevating efficiency, quality, and sustainability. This techno-commercial write-up explores the science, innovation, and real-world applications of ozone, revealing its unmatched benefits for the solar power sector.

Product Image (Mining and Ore Processing using Ozone by Aeolus)

Mining and Ore processing using Ozone by Aeolus

Price: 200000.00 - 500000.00/Plant

Ozone Revolutionizes Mining & Ore Processing: A Sustainable Approach to Extraction Mining and ore processing, the backbone of countless industries, are evolving into sustainable, eco-conscious operations, thanks to the transformative potential of ozone (O3) technology. Ozone, a symbol of innovation, offers unparalleled solutions that enhance productivity, reduce environmental impact, and promote responsible resource extraction. This techno-commercial write-up delves into the science, innovation, and practical applications of ozone, demonstrating its unmatched benefits for mining and ore processing.

Product Image (Airport Metro Cruise terminal hygiene safety using Ozone)

Airport Metro Cruise terminal hygiene safety using Ozone

Price: 27000.00 - 225000.00 INR/Plant

Ozone Revolutionizes Transport Hubs: Elevating Safety and Sustainability Transportation hubs, the lifeblood of modern cities, are embracing a transformative change driven by ozone (O3) technology. Ozone, a marvel of innovation, stands at the forefront of safety, hygiene, and sustainability in airports, metro stations, cruise terminals, and public transport systems. This techno-commercial write-up explores the science, innovation, and real-world applications of ozone, unveiling its unparalleled benefits for these bustling hubs.

Product Image (Damaged Building and Artifacts restoration using Ozone)

Damaged Building and Artifacts restoration using Ozone by Aeolus

Price: 28000 INR/Plant

Aeolus Ozone Building Restoration: Redefining Excellence in Sustainable Renovation Building restoration is a meticulous blend of art and science, breathing new life into historical structures while preserving their heritage. In this endeavour, ozone (O3) technology stands as a beacon of innovation, offering sustainable solutions that surpass conventional methods. This techno-commercial write-up delves into the science, innovation, and real-world applications of ozone, demonstrating its unmatched benefits in building restoration.

Product Image (Chemical synthesis industrial oxidation with Aeolus Ozone)

Chemical Synthesis and Industrial Oxidation by Aeolus Ozone

Price: 27000 INR/Plant

Revolutionizing Chemical Synthesis and Industrial Oxidation Reactions In the realm of chemical synthesis and industrial oxidation reactions innovation is the key to unlocking greater efficiency productivity and sustainability Ozone with its exceptional oxidizing capabilities emerges as a game changing solution for these applications This combined promotional and technical writeup delves into the remarkable benefits of ozone featuring real world examples that showcase its transformative impact on chemical processes

Product Image (Paper and Pulp Industry Ozone applications by Aeolus)

Pulp and Paper Bleaching with Aeolus Ozone

Price: 50000 INR/Plant

The paper and pulp industry stand at the crossroads of technological innovation and environmental responsibility In this dynamic sector ozone O3 emerges as a gamechanger that amalgamates science technology and ecological stewardship Ozone presents a versatile solution with a myriad of applications transforming the paper and pulp manufacturing process In this comprehensive guide we delve into the scientific underpinnings technical prowess and commercial advantages of ozone showcasing how its redefining the industry

Product Image (Ozone for Electronics and Semiconductor Industry)

Ozone for Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

Price: 27000 INR/Plant

Ozone Applications in Electronics and Semiconductor Industries a Comprehensive Guide Introduction The electronics and semiconductor industries demand precision cleanliness and the highest standards of quality Ozone O3 a powerful natural oxidizer is becoming an indispensable tool in these sectors Its unique properties offer a multitude of applications enhancing processes reducing waste and ensuring the production of cutting edge electronic components In this application note we explore the scientific principles technical applications and commercial advantages of ozone in the electronics and semiconductor sectors

Product Image (Ozone water treatment)

Ozone for Sewage and Effluent Treatment plants

Price: 24000 INR/Plant

Revolutionizing Sewage and Effluent Treatment with Ozone: A Technical Breakthrough Are you seeking a cutting-edge solution for sewage and effluent treatment that redefines industry standards while prioritizing environmental sustainability? Look no further. Welcome to a new era of wastewater management empowered by ozone technology. In this technical promotional write-up, we unveil the transformative potential of ozone in sewage and effluent treatment. Explore the power of ozone and its unmatched advantages for a cleaner, greener future.

Product Image (Soil and ground water remediation system)

Soil and ground Water Remediation with Ozone by Aeolus

Price: 60000.00 INR/Plant

Groundwater and soil contamination are critical environmental challenges worldwide. Traditional remediation methods often fall short of achieving comprehensive and sustainable results. Ozone, with its unparalleled oxidizing properties, emerges as a game-changer in the field of groundwater and soil remediation. This technical and promotional write-up explores the versatile applications of ozone in remediation processes and showcases global success stories and case studies that highlight its transformative impact.

Product Image (i6)

Leather and Tanning Industry Ozone Generators by Aeolus

Price: 28000 INR/Plant

Ozone: Redefining Leather Processing for Excellence and Sustainability The leather industry demands excellence in product quality and sustainability in its manufacturing processes. As a powerful and eco-friendly oxidant, ozone has emerged as a transformative solution in the leather industry. This promotional technical write-up explores the diverse applications of ozone in leather processing and showcases its advantages, elevating the industry to new heights of efficiency and environmental responsibility.


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