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Quality Checking Process

Our objective is to offer sustainable purified water solutions which is one of the reasons, we give utmost emphasize on quality during the production of Electro Chlorination System, Ozone Generator, Medical Ozone Generator, Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant, etc. The quality monitors and manufacturing team are given strict instructions to follow the quality norms throughout the first stage to the final stage of manufacturing. After the end product is ready, it is passed for a final quality checking in which the examiners check the products on various physical, mechanical and chemical parameters.

Main products We Offer?

We are manufacturing and trading a range of sustainable products for a healthy and safe life. Some of the products are:

  • Ozone Generator, Medical Ozone Generator
  • Aeolus Chlorinator
  • Aeolus Anti Fouling Generation Systems
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Sewage Water Treatment Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Without Bacteria
  • Xeroscale Water Softener
  • Xerodrop ETP
  • Xerodrop DSW

The Water Disinfection System and Water Treatment Plant that we provide are used for purifying and cleaning the water by extracting out the chemicals, impurities and any other type of containment so that the consumers get purified drinking water. Even different industries such as cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural industry use only purified water therefore the requirement of these products has increased around the world.

Whereas, the Ozone Generators offered by us are used for sanitation and disinfection purposes in Hospitals, Home, Laboratories, Factories, Hotels etc. It has the capability of removing pollutants, unpleasant odors, fumes and containment from air and helps in maintaining fresh air.

Our Outstanding Production Facility

We own a well developed facility for the production of our high quality disinfection and treatment systems. Our infrastructure is constructed at an industrial location in Surat from where it has good connectivity to airways, waterways and roadways. All types of necessary resources, machinery and technology are available in our unit so that the professionals do not face any troubles during the manufacturing, packaging, testing and storing of the products. Owing to the excellent working of the machinery we have a high production rate which helps us in meeting with the market demands.

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