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Hazardous Effluent Treatment

Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd. is a Surat, Gujarat, India, based company serving industries with hazardous effluent treatment solution. The treatment of effluent is decided after determining the factors, such as:
  • Effluent's physical state
  • Degree of hazard of pollutant
  • Effluent's chemical complexity
Each treatment can prove to be effective in the removal of oil & grease, heavy metals, suspended solids, etc. We provide hazardous effluent treatment system, containerized type that uses either physical, chemical, biological or Ul filtration technology for the waste water treatment. This semi-automatic system requires less space for installations. Based on the plug and play operation, this compact system can be easily dismantled and transported to another location. It is designed in a way that saves the installation and commissioning time on site.

Industries Served:

There are many companies that need to treat waste water before discharging into natural bodies. And, what is better way than installing hazardous effluent treatment plant.
  • Fertilizers
  • Refinery
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automobiles
Effluent Treatment Plant for Sugar Industry
Effluent Treatment Plant for Sugar Industry
Effluent Treatment Plant for Sugar Industry
Membrane Quantity : No membrane require
Application : Sugar Mill Effluent Treatment
Material : FRP
Product Type : Effluent Treatment Plants
Technology : XERODROP- Non biological
Supply Ability : 100 Per Month
Price : 2500000 INR
Fertilizer Industry Effluent Treatment
Fertilizer Industry Effluent Treatment
Fertilizer Industry are RED Category pollution generators. Most of the conventional ETP fail in fertilizer industry due to high concentration of pollutants and extreme pH. Our XERODROP ETP is the first choice wastewater treatment - an EXTREME MACHINE to treat complex and hazardous wastewaters without using any chemical or biological cultures or even membranes. To know more, contact us NOW!
Hazardous Effluent Treatment Plant XERODROP
Hazardous Effluent Treatment Plant XERODROP
Hazardous effluent treatment with XERODROP
Our XERODROP ETP system is extreme machine to treat hazardous and recalcitrant effluents including that from industries like distillery, textile, dyes & intermediate, tannery, pharmaceuticals, dairy, chemical, analytical laboratories, hospitals, hotels & restaurants, power plants, airports and all commercial and industrial installations. We can treat all complex effluents to meet the discharge norms without using any chemicals or biological cultures or membranes.

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