Aeolus Sustainable Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd. is almost a decade old manufacturing company that can provide electro chlorinators and many other such systems for industrial use. Electrochlorination is a conversion process of salt water, brine or sea water into Sodium Hypochlorite through electrolysis. Electro chlorinator uses electrochlorination technology to disinfect water, as Sodium Hypochlorite produced combat algae, slime and other bio-organisms in water. If you can not find chlorine or can not use chlorine in the operation, use electro chlorinator for the following purposes:
  • Treatment of drinking water
  • Treatment of waste water
Other industrial applications include pharmaceutical formulations and bleaching. We also provide industry-specific electro chlorinator, for instance electro chlorinator for dairy & food industry. Other industries that use this system include:
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Steel Plants
  • Sugar Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pesticide
  • Textiles
  • Paper & Pulp
Our offered electro chlorinators for water disinfection and on site disinfectant generation system are safe & easy to use and maintain systems that are based on proven and time tested technology.
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Swimming Pool Chlorinator By Aeolus

Price: 72000.00 - 500000.00 INR/Plant
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Chlorinator Water Disinfection System

Price: 200000 INR/Set
  • Volume:Upto 250 ltrs Liter (L)
  • Product Type:Water Disinfection System
  • Feature:Water Treatment
  • Automatic Grade:Full Automatic
  • Material:Metal
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
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Electro chlorinator for Dairy & Food Industry

Price: 125000 INR/Plant

Aeolus is leading supplier and manufacturer of electrochlorinators. Electrochlorinator produces various concentration sodium hypochlorite at site using common salt, water and electricity. Electrochlorinators find its application in water disinfection, wastewater treatment, surface disinfection, product treatment, bleaching, laundry, textile industry, ETP & STP etc.

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Electro Chlorinator for Disinfection

Price: 180000 onwards INR/Piece
  • Delivery Time:4 Week
  • Supply Ability:10 - 100 Per Year
  • Volume:150000 ltrs Liter (L)
  • Feature:Hospital Floor & Drinking water disinfection
  • Product Type:Water Disinfection
  • Automatic Grade:Full Automatic
  • Water Source:Ground Water
  • Power Consumption:0.96-12.8 kW/batch Kilowatt (kW)
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On Site Disinfectant Generation System

Price: 125000 onwards INR
  • Delivery Time:4-6 Week
  • Supply Ability:10 - 100 Per Year
  • Automatic Grade:Full Automatic
  • Feature:Hospital
  • Drive Type:Natural Gas, Diesel, Other
  • Product Type:Disinfectant Generation System